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At Hexoon, we unite academia and industry for pioneering solutions that blend research excellence with real-world impact.

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Rapid Prototyping

Our commitment is to craft tools tailored for pioneering ventures in both academic and industrial realms. These tools are designed to support a diverse array of innovative projects, ranging from collaborative efforts to multidisciplinary endeavors across various sectors. We specialize in empowering institutions like university research centers, mirroring the collaborative spirit championed by prestigious organizations such as the US National Science Foundation and the US National Institutes of Health. Whether it’s facilitating groundbreaking research or fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, our solutions are primed to amplify the impact of initiatives akin to these esteemed research center initiatives and programs.

Software Development

Enlist our team to embark on a substantial, enduring project that requires dedicated effort and expertise. Our seasoned professionals possess the versatility to seamlessly integrate into larger teams, fostering a collaborative environment where they can contribute their specialized skills and provide valuable guidance throughout every stage of the process. Whether it’s advising on strategic decisions or actively participating in project execution, our team is committed to ensuring the success and efficiency of the endeavor.


Our healthcare IT consulting services specialize in navigating the complexities of HIPAA and FHIR standards. With a focus on ensuring compliance and fostering interoperability, our expert consultants provide tailored solutions for healthcare organizations. From security assessments to FHIR-compliant system implementations, we empower clients to enhance data protection, streamline operations, and promote seamless information exchange across the healthcare ecosystem. Partner with us to optimize your healthcare IT initiatives while prioritizing patient privacy and data security.

Software Project Rescue

Embarking on a new project or seeking to revitalize a stalled endeavor? Look no further. Whether you come equipped with a comprehensive scope or just the bare essentials, our seasoned team of experts stands ready to breathe life into your vision. Proficient in the art of reverse engineering intricate projects, we possess the acumen to seamlessly pick up where others left off, refining and advancing development to ensure success. From pinpointing areas for enhancement to driving the project forward with precision, count on us to bring your idea to fruition and beyond.

Technologies :

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